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On "Soundtracker Central" you may be able to find any Soundtracker available for any machine from the early 80's computers to modern ones. You will find legendary music trackers like Ultimate Soundtracker, Protracker, Noisetracker, Arkos tracker, Maxymiser, TCB tracker, Audiosculpture, Screamtracker, Fastracker 2, Impulse Tracker and many others. For sure you'll find the tracker you may need.

SoundTracker is a multiplatform music tracking tool heavily used by demoscene.

The name "Soundtracker" is a tribute to Karsten Obarski, who released the very first of a "digital" soundtracker under the name "Ultimate Soundtracker" for the Amiga in 1987. If you're interested in the story of "Ultimate soundtracker" you can read our in depth articles related to the history of music in the demoscene.

This site is definitly contributive and evolutive. I've tried to gather the most trackers i could find but if there's one that i missed or a specific one that have been udpdated or may need our attention, feel free to tell me. i'll update the informations here.

Tracker of the month

SID Factory II

SID Factory II is a cross-platform editor for composing music that will work on a Commodore 64. It uses the reSID emulator and is currently in open BETA.

Download SID Factory II