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"Tracking music" was born with the "demoscene culture". The story started in the early 80's on Commodore 64 then have been followed on Commodore Amiga. This is the story i'm telling here. These articles should be read in chronologic order.

#1 - When Demoscene started?

We have to go back almost 50 years behind to understand what is the demoscene. It's like a prehistoric tale today.

#2 - Return to genesis

"Computer generated music" started more than 70 years ago... But not really in the way you think. Let's jump back in 1951.

#3 - The Arcade years

Do you remember we spent time in the Arcades playing games like Shinobi, Golden Axe, Space invaders and many others?

#4 - The 80’s personal computing

The 80's are definitly one of the most important periods in computer music. This is also the moment the "demoscene" started.

#5 - The soundtracker revolution

Something new and revolutionary happened in 1987 from a German software developer that is going to revolutionize the demoscene music..

#6 - "Ultimate Soundtracker" success

Beyond everyone's expectations Ultimate soundtracker have been an amazing success. Why?

More articles to come